Free Meals for Students

Did you know that students across the state of Michigan get free meals at school now?

3/8/20241 min read

If you weren’t aware already, as of November 2023, public schools in Michigan now serve breakfast and lunch to students free of charge.

This is huge.

Money should never be an obstacle, especially for students and especially if it’s a physiological need. It’s funny, because even when I was in grade school, though I never challenged it, I would think, “Why aren’t meals free at school?” Students don’t pay to go to the bathroom. Students don’t pay to drink from the water fountain. Why should they pay to eat? Now they don’t have to.

Having free meals at schools enables students to eat better and more often, something we realized during the pandemic. At least something good came out of it for schools!

I can’t think of a better use of school funds, honestly. It seems nonsensical to spend money on things like improving sports facilities and equipment when some of the basic needs of students aren’t being met. Maslow would roll over in his grave. Luckily, now he doesn’t have to!


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