The following individuals endorse Ky Orvis as a candidate for Fenton Area Public Schools Board. They endorse Ky strictly as individuals and not as representation of any organization, group, or business.

Brad Jacob

Fenton City Council

”As a Council representative to the Parks board, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ky while planning several events to benefit the community. I have found them to be thoughtful, considerate, and possessing of impeccable ethics.

With such a strong field experience and academic background in education, I have every confidence that Ky will be an excellent addition to the Fenton School Board.”

Annie Anglim

Former owner of Cause & Affect Gallery in Fenton

”As a former business owner of Cause & Affect Gallery in Fenton and being actively involved in Fenton through volunteerism, I have had the privilege to work with Ky Orvis through the Fenton Pride Collective. Ky is an intelligent, kindhearted person who has the best interests of people at heart. With the educational background and experience with working in the public school system as a teacher, I feel that Ky is uniquely qualified to be on the board of the Fenton Area Public Schools.”

Jamie Perez

owner of Phoenix Hair Studio in Fenton

”As owner of Phoenix Hair Studio, I had the pleasure of working with Ky. They are a gem! They have many creative talents and never cease to amaze me and everyone they come in contact with. Ky is very qualified and inspiring. They show hard work, dedication and support. I have been blessed to have such an creative artist in my salon. They go above and beyond to ensure their work is perfection. That goes with their expertise and professionalism in many areas they endure. I truly believe Ky makes a powerful impact on the community for their charitable abilities and loyalty to maintaining a reputable leader for the Fenton Area Public Schools.”

Katherine Carswell

Former Lake Fenton School Board Member

"As a teacher, parent, and former school board member, I know how important it is to choose the best people for our community school boards, to ensure this vital role is filled with strength and compassion. The role of a school board member is to be a bridge between the community and the school district. As with any bridge, building strong foundations and spanning the entire distance is key. One way to build a strong foundation is to elect individuals with a background in education and community activism. Ky Orvis is this candidate. They spend their days educating our children and their free time building community organizations that provide safe spaces and fellowship for all of our Fenton community members. As of this year, the last of our Generation Z students are now in high school, and our middle and elementary students are filled with the children of Generation Alpha. This generation has unique needs and unique perspectives; the jobs for Generation Alpha have not even been invented yet. Our bridge between the school and community needs to reach all the way to our students. Age and experience are good, but we need our digital generations to help interpret the needs of this new Generation Alpha. Ky provides the perspective of the young millennial and understands the needs of the digital age. Ky Orvis has my full endorsement and is an excellent choice for Fenton School Board trustee."

Ashley Prew

Fenton Area Public Schools, Board Trustee*

”I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ky through their involvement in the Fenton community. Ky is a passionate leader with a vision for the future of public education. Their impressive resume includes current teaching experience and invaluable knowledge regarding the needs of students. I believe Ky will be an asset to the Board and a positive voice for our students and faculty. I look forward to potentially calling them a fellow Fenton Area Public School Board Trustee* next year. I am honored to provide my endorsement for Ky’s candidacy.

*Please note this is an individual endorsement and not an endorsement by the School District or any other current member of the Fenton Area Public Schools Board of Education.”