Changes to the Teacher Evaluation System

Did you know that the teacher evaluation system is changing for the 24/25 school year? Read about it and my thoughts here.

3/4/20241 min read

In November 2023, Governor Whitmer signed Senate Bills 395 and 396, which will change the way teachers are evaluated, and how much weight evaluations hold on them, starting the 2024-2025 school year.

This is a pretty big deal! I believe that evaluations are easily one of, if not the most, stressful and antiquated aspects of teaching right now. These new laws help to ease that stress for both administrators and teachers.

Here are some things that are changing:

Reduces the weight of students' performance in standardized tests on evaluations from 40% to 20% maximum, the metrics of which need to be negotiated through collective bargaining

Reduces the categories of teacher marks from 4 (highly effective, effective, minimally effective and ineffective) to 3 (effective, developing and needing support)

Teachers who receive three consecutive "effective" evaluations would only have to be evaluated every three years.

A teacher or administrator who is categorized as needing support for three consecutive year-end evaluations would have to be dismissed.

As a member of the Fenton School Board, I will advocate for fair and just future bargaining agreements in the interest of helping teachers and students to have the best possible working conditions and learning environment.


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