"Advocating for Educational Excellence"

Why would I choose this for my campaign slogan?

2/10/20242 min read

"Excellence characterizes a school or college that sets high expectations and goals for all learners, then tries in every way possible to help students reach them. Excellence characterizes a society that has adopted these policies, for it will then be prepared through the education and skill of its people to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Our Nation's people and its schools and colleges must be committed to achieving excellence in all these senses."

- David P. Gardner and others
A Nation At Risk: The Imperative For Educational Reform

You may have noticed my campaign slogan: "Advocating for Educational Excellence". You may also be asking yourself, "Why would Ky choose that?" Let me explain.

When I first started the campaign, I had originally chosen the slogan, "Advocating for Every Student." It dawned on my one day - districts are much more than students. Of course I will advocate for every student; they arguably the most important aspect of any school district. Students determine funding. Student test scores determine actions to be put in place. Student well-being drives everything from the classes created to the lunches chosen by food service coordinators.

BUT, Fenton Area Public schools isn't only made up of students. There are teachers that put in immense amounts of work to provide for the students at school. There are parents that strive to give their student the best possible education in order for them to have a good quality of life as they grow older. There are community members that are vested in Fenton Schools.

When Fenton Schools succeeds everyone in the Fenton area succeeds. The more supported and educated that teachers are, the better they can serve the students in the district. The better the administration is at supporting teachers and achieving goals of the district, the better they can serve the teachers, students, and community. The more the district, as a whole, achieves, the more families want their students to attend schools here, which means the more families move to the area, which means the better the economy.

I will advocate for every student, family, teacher, administrator, and community member in the Fenton area so that Fenton Area Public Schools can provide educational excellence.